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One major installation in any house is the central heating You want to keep your hot water taps running at all times. Similarly, indoor comfort is essential in the colder seasons. With a properly-heated home, the household remains warm and healthy in winter. It is important to select a suitable boiler when fitting your heating system. At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, we fit quality Combi Boilers that will work throughout the year.Our professionals in Park-Corner help people make informed decisions on the type of Combi Boiler to purchase. Besides installation, we maintain and refurbish damaged boilers.

What you should know about Combi Boilers

A Combi Boiler or Combination Boiler is one of the UK’s most installed types of boilers. More than 50% of households in the UK install them every year. They are space saving and economical because they only heat the quantity of water you use. Combination Boilers are so-called because they have the combined function of home heating and water heating. Combination boilers powered by natural gas release fewer carbon dioxide than oil or coal versions. Natural gas-fuelled combination boilers produce much less carbon compounds than the coal or oil models.

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Combi Boilers don’t require storage cylinders or external tanks. This makes them one of the most cost-effective ways to heat your home. Because they are compacted, they are convenient to set-up.Mittens Plumbing and Heating installs major Combi Boiler brands such as Vaillant Boilers. We install quality boilers so your home stays cosy throughout the winter. Depending on your wattage, we have a wide selection of boilers. Granted, there is a suitable boiler for your home at our service. Depending on the size of your household, you can choose from our Combi Boiler ranges 15 ’ 35KW.

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Why is a Combi Boiler a suitable model?

Unlike many boiler models, Combis heat up water directly from the electric mains. This gives you access to continuous hot water supply. You get to save space because Combis don’t need a storage tank. This makes them a smart idea if you live in a small bungalow or flat. The design facilitates quick heating and also makes it cost-effective. By reducing power wasted on unused hot water, Combi Boilers make an energy-efficient device.

Finally, it is more convenient to install a Combi Boiler because it has fewer parts.At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, our engineers will set up your device without hassles. Rest assured, our methods are non-invasive on your property.

Steps to take before fitting a Combi Boiler

Before you buy a new boiler, talk to a heating professional. This can help you avoid unnecessary errors. Including avoiding wasteful expenses on the wrong appliances.

The following should be considered:

  • Number of occupant in the home
  • Capacity of water pressure in your mains
  • The number of taps you use at a time

Without obligation to hire, you can get counselling on new installations from our experts.

List of Services: Combi Boilers

Boiler Mounting: Whether it is for a new home or replacement for your current heating, we provide quick-service installations in your property. We supply quality Combi Boilers from industry-leading makers. In addition to being BEAB endorsed, our products have lasting warranties.

Boiler maintenance: Even though we take pride in the quality of our boilers, we advise you maintain them at least twice every year. If you don’t have one, our Gas-safe certified engineers can set up a risk assessment schedule. We will maintain your Combi Boilers to keep them in working condition.

Boiler repairs: It is disappointing to have a malfunctioning boiler when you need heating the most. For this reason, we have an emergency boiler service in Park-Corner. We will send a professional to resolve the issue immediately after you call.

Advisory and home calls: Some companies need a step by step guide on installing a sustainable heating system. Our trained experts would be glad to provide consultation services.We provide helpful advice from what type of Combi Boiler to purchase, the costing and servicing needs. Plus, it is obligation-free.

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Solving boiler issues

Sometimes, boilers may contain rust or sludge which affect efficiency. A power-flush is one reliable way to rid it out. While it may appear like a simple procedure, a power flush needs the right skill and tools to work. We provide quick service solutions to all problems associated with boilers.

Trained and ready engineers

Our engineers are always geared for service. Provided you live in Park-Corner, we shall be at your home in a few minutes. In addition to being gas-safe certified, Mittens engineers are customer-friendly. Are you worried about issues with installation? Don’t be, our technicians use the best tools.

No hidden costs

We delight in our simple pricing set-up. We practice a fixed costing system that is transparent. There are no hidden charges. Mittens’s rates are ’60 for the first hour and ’45 each hour after. Rates include VAT costs. We keep you in the know of any new costs.

Safety First

At Mittens, safety is a priority. We train our technicians in the latest precautionary practices. Following our long-term experience in service, we know how to ensure a secure work area. All our projects are also covered by comprehensive insurance. No matter what, your property is in safe hands.

What Makes Mittens Plumbing and Heating the Right Choice?

After the first job, we maintain working relationships with majority of customers. This is not attributed to our 15 years’ experience alone.

  • Mittens engineers are experts and registered Gas-safe members.
  • We are renowned in the industry as Combi Boiler specialists.
  • Our new-installed boilers come with up to a 10-year warranty.
  • We provide long-term customer support services.

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