Vaillant Boiler Installation In Brighton, Sussex

Obtain swift and competent Valliant Boilers Installation
for warming your Brighton and Sussex home

Engineers from Clifton Hill & Montpelier Plumbing and Heating are always obtainable to help install a heating system that’s ideal for your house. We appreciate how demanding it can be finding an economical way to keep the family warm during cold seasons. It is because of this we offer residents of Brighton and Sussex the option of getting expert fast fitting of an energy efficient Valliant boiler. Get a heating system that satisfies with durable results and keeps your home comfortably warm irrespective the weather outside. We have a number of heating systems from Valliant with unique features that are guaranteed to fulfil your heating requirements.

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Bespoke heating solution with Valliant Boiler Installation by Clifton Hill & Montpelier Plumbing and Heating Brighton and Sussex

We aim for long term client satisfaction with our delivered services. This is done to ensure our clients’ undisturbed and stress-free enjoyment of a Vaillant Boiler installed by us. We provide only bespoke solutions because we believe the heating needs of every client is distinct. Would you like heating solutions from a technician in Brighton and Sussex you can depend on?

Plumbing and Heating Services in Brighton and Sussex

Call Clifton Hill & Montpelier Plumbing and Heating now for a friendly conversation on how we can best satisfy the heating needs of your property.

Plumbing and Heating Services in Brighton and Sussex

Durable heating results from distinctive Valliant Boiler installation

Our technicians have the tools and skills to deliver effective results by working swiftly without anyway inconveniencing a client. Our technicians possess all necessary certifications and qualifications, including Gas Safety Certification. Thus, be rest assured that every Clifton Hill & Montpelier Plumbing and Heating staff has all it takes to deliver an ideal heating solution to fulfil your needs. No delays, no danger, no mess when working with us.

Ideal prices with Valliant Boiler Installation from Clifton Hill & Montpelier Plumbing and Heating Brighton and Sussex

The quality and price of our installation services are designed to offer clients optimal heating at the friendliest possible prices. Never worry about being unfairly charged when working with us. Irrespective how complicated or simple the installation job, expect fair prices from us. We have a diverse range of Valliant boiler systems available that are guaranteed to keep your home warm and comfortable. Be assured we have more than one whose price will suit your budget. Also, our Valliant boilers are all accompanied by impressive warranties. Get great heating at great prices with a Valliant Boiler from us

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Plumbing and Heating Services in Brighton and Sussex

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For over a decade, Clifton Hill & Montpelier Plumbing and Heating technicians have been serving the residents of Brighton and Sussex. Our bespoke heating solutions have during that time become synonymous with superb quality. This is thanks to our customer-first mentality while delivering services.

We have worked with many Brighton and Sussex people and businesses including homeowners aiming to improve their home’s comfort, hotel owners improving their accommodations, and contractors developing new properties.

No matter the type of client, total satisfaction is always guaranteed when we deliver our high standard heating services and superior results. The five star reviews we have received on platforms such as Rated People is proof of our beyond satisfactory installation services.

Are you interested in joining our list of happy Brighton and Sussex clients? Contact Clifton Hill & Montpelier Plumbing and Heating now for distinguished heating installation service.

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Boost your home’s comfort with any of the following Valliant heating systems

System boiler (sealed system)

Sealed System is another name for System boilers. It is capable of delivering central heating and lots of hot water to a home. It functions with a storage cylinder but does not require a water tank. Valliant system boilers can come with a high efficiency pump that decreases energy consumption and improves cost effectiveness. System types we can install include; ecoTEC plus system boilers, ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 627, ecoFIT pure system boiler, and much more


There are various high efficiency Valliant Combi Boiler Systems that our technicians can install for your home and they all come with impressive warranties. Each Combi is distinctive, conveniently sized, and delivers impressive warmth without needing much of your home’s wall or floor space for installation. Available Valliant Combi systems include; ecoFIT pure combination boiler, ecoTEC pro combination boilers, ecoTEC exclusive combination boiler with Green iQ, ecoTEC plus combination 938 (for larger homes), and more.

Ground Source Heat Pump

Valliant ground source heat pumps can extract heat energy from the ground, air, or water to warm your home. This means they are quiet, efficient, and environmentally friendly since they do not burn fuel to operate. They are also cost efficient since they don’t require expensive fuel to run but rather burn sustainable energy. Examples of a Valliant ground source heating system we can install include; geoTHERM and flexoTHERM with Green iQ

Control Systems

Smart control systems from Valliant which include the vSmart are available to give you the power to manage your home’s heating remotely with a user-friendly app. Other control systems we can install include; VRC 470 Compensating Boiler Control, TimeSWITCH 150, VRT 350f (Intelligent room control), VRC 470 Controller, and much

Talk to Clifton Hill & Montpelier Plumbing and Heating Brighton and Sussex for superior quality installation services with great results

If what you are seeking is a trustworthy Brighton and Sussex technician that is competent enough to install a boiler of your choice to heighten your home’s comfort, then look no further than Clifton Hill & Montpelier Plumbing and Heating.

Our engineers are well trained experts who are civil and deliver quick, quality results. Long lasting positive results from bespoke heating solutions is what we guarantee those who hire our services. Our installation prices are among the best you can find in Brighton and Sussex. Give us a call now on 01273 257 447 for cost effective and fast fitting of a Valliant boiler of your choosing. Get your home the comfort it deserves with a heating solution from Clifton Hill & Montpelier Plumbing and Heating.

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Information about Brighton, Sussex

  • Clifton Hill & Montpelier's Plumbing and Heating is proud to offer Vaillant Boiler Installation in Brighton, Brighton is a large town located in the county of East Sussex in South East England.
  • Brighton, Sussex is a part of the Unitary Authority of the City of Brighton and Hove which forms part of the greater Brighton and Hove built-up area.
  • In addition to Clifton Hill & Montpelier's Plumbing and Heating, Brighton attracts many of East Sussex's leading companies.
  • Brighton formerly used to be called Brighthelmstone.
  • The nicknames Brighthelmstone & Blightey are still commonly used.
  • Brighton is formed by a number of villages and settlements including Coldean,Bevendean, Aldrington, Old Steine, Black Rock, Hangleton and Bevendean.
  • Clifton Hill & Montpelier's Plumbing and Heating's Vaillant Boiler Installation area in the City of Brighton and Hove also encompasses Hollingbury, Hollingdean, Hove, Mile Oak and Moulsecoomb.
  • Other service areas of Clifton Hill & Montpelier's Plumbing and Heating in Brighton, Sussex encompassRottingdean, Portslade-by-Sea, Patcham, Saltdean and Ovingdean,
  • As well as Brighton and Hove's outlying urban areas West Blatchington, Westdene, Withdean and Woodingdean.
  • Last in order but nevertheless important, Clifton Hill & Montpelier's Plumbing and Heating's Vaillant Boiler Installation cover the Brighton Municipality including Brighton Marina, Stanmer and Bear Road area.
  • The Brighton postcode district is the BN postcode area.
  • The University of Brighton and Sussex University are prestigious through out the United Kingdom.
  • Queen's Park, Brighton and Preston Park, Brighton are enjoyed by residents and known through out England.
  • Brighton is the starting-point of the A23 road and Intersects with the A27 road.
  • Bordering to the West of town of Brighton and Hove is Sompting, Worthing, Southwick, Shoreham, Littlehampton and Lancing.
  • Bordering on the East of the City of Brighton is Lewes, Peacehaven and Burgess Hill.