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Worcester Boiler Installation Services in Brighton and Sussex

Buying a renowned brand is always the best decision when you want to install a boiler. Given the large number of options available, you would be better off with a top manufacturer. The Clifton Hill & Montpelier Plumbing and Heating company is an accredited dealer for all Worcester boiler models. The brand is a major manufacturer of boilers used in the UK and around the world. As a heating company with experienced professionals, we have straight access to Worcester boilers for your property. We also give warranties directly from the manufacturer to our customers. If you are thinking of installing a new boiler, our engineers will be happy to guide you.

Worcester Boilers; What you ought to know

Worcester Boilers make up one of UK’s leading brand of boilers. It is easy to see why their extensive collection of boilers is one of our best sellers here at Clifton Hill & Montpelier.

It doesn’t matter the shape or size of your property, you will find a Worcester Combi Boiler made to suit it. The are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including function. However, every boiler is as efficient as it is unique. We stock Worcester boilers with high efficiency ratings.

Plumbing and Heating Services in Brighton and Sussex

They also come in a diverse combination of hot water and central heating functions. With the existing 5-year warranty on the SDi, i and Si Compact ranges, there is no better time to acquire a Greenstar Worcester Boiler.

Plumbing and Heating Services in Brighton and Sussex

Bestselling range of Worcester Boilers

We start with an initial home visit to establish a proper fit whenever a customer orders a new boiler. These models are some of our most popular:

Worcester Greenstar CDI classic range:The CDi classic range has the highest output and central heating flowrate in all ranges of Worcester’s Combi boilers. The classic boilers come in the 29, 34, 38, and 42 CDi series. The whole range also come in natural gas and LPG. If you live in Brighton and Sussex, Clifton Hill & Montpelier Plumbing and Heating will deliver your Worcester boiler free of charge.

They can also be bought as boiler packs which come with a discounted price. The package comes with a boiler, timer and flue.

Worcester Greenstar i range: This range of boiler is easily very common. It is perfect for flats, bungalows and other smaller properties. In homes that require less heating or need for hot water, the Greenstar i range is suitable. You can find the 25i and 30i combi boilers in LPG and natural gas modes. They both have an A maximum efficiency rating and are ErP compliant.

Worcester Greenstar Si compact range: Much like the Si compact models, the CDi have been refurbished to look smaller. This means homeowners can install them within cupboard spaces. The CDi can work effectively as a Combi boiler in large and medium-sized buildings, regardless of its compact nature. The series 28CDi compact, 36 CDi compact and 32CDi compact, come in LPG and natural gas.

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Clifton Hill & Montpelier’s Services for Worcester Boilers

Installing Boilers

At Clifton Hill & Montpelier, our experienced and trained experts can set up customised boilers in your property. Installation techniques will differ depending on whether it is a new home or a replacement job. Hence it is essential you work with trained professionals. Our customers enjoy a hassle-free installation service because we place priority on convenience.

Boiler check-ups

All boilers must undergo regular maintenance, irrespective of their high efficiency. This ensures the boiler remains functional throughout the year and lasts longer. Maintenance is a major part of Clifton Hill & Montpelier’s boiler aftercare service. When we install a system, we prepare a check-up routine at least twice a year. Get in touch with us if you want one for your existing boiler.

Boiler fixing

When maintaining your boiler, we may discover small issues that need urgent repairs. Some small problems have the potential to escalate dangerously if they are not curbed on time. Contact a Clifton Hill & Montpelier professional if you notice suspicions signs with your boiler. Our engineers perform a boiler diagnosis in addition to correctional services. Here in Brighton and Sussex, we also have a standby emergency team. You are guaranteed a quick-fix, whether it is a power flush or gas reset.

Advisory and home calls

Your boiler installation will depend on the building size, household size and number of hot water taps. If you are thinking of installing a new boiler, talk to a heating specialist first. Some decisions may cost you in product performance and energy bills. Without obligation to hire, you can get consultation services from Clifton Hill & Montpelier professionals. Find out which Worcester boiler is ideal for your home. We guarantee you will be happy you did.

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