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Central heating will always be a significant installation in any home. Everybody wants hot water running whenever they need it. Likewise, the inside of a home must be snug in nippy weather. A well-heated home is warm and healthy for its occupants in winter. When setting up your heating system, it is important to choose the right boiler. At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, we fit quality Combi Boilers that will work throughout the year.Our heating engineers in Hollingdean will guide you in making the right decisions about what Combi Boiler to buy. In addition, we service and repair broken boilers in emergencies.

Important facts about Combi Boilers

A Combi Boiler or Combination Boiler is a very popular type of boiler in the UK. More than 50% of households in the UK install them every year. They don’t use up space and are economical because they heat water as it is dispensed. Combination Boilers are called that because they heat the rooms and also the household water supply. Combination boilers powered by natural gas release fewer carbon dioxide than oil or coal versions. Natural gas-fuelled combination boilers produce much less carbon compounds than the coal or oil models.

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Combi Boilers don’t need a storage tank or external container. Thus, making them a low-cost alternative for heating your home. Because of their compact nature, they are also easy to install. At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, we install leading Combi Boilers models like Vaillant Boilers. We mount high-value boilers that keep your home snug during winter. Based on your wattage, we have a large variety of boilers to pick from. You can trust us to supply the right model for your building. You can make a selection between our 15KW ’ 35KW range Combi Boilers, based on your home size.

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What make choosing a Combi Boiler the right decision?

Combis vary from other boilers because it heats water directly from the mains. So anytime you turn on the tap, you get heated water. Combis save a lot of space because they don’t have storage tanks. This makes them ideal for bungalows or small flats. The device reduces heat lag which automatically cuts energy costs. Combi Boilers are eco-friendly because they prevent power wasted from unused hot water.

Lastly, Combi Boilers are very easy to install because they have fewer parts than other boilers.Mittens Plumbing and Heating experts promise a seamless installation process. Our activities won’t cause a disruption to your daily schedule.

What to consider before you install a Combi Boiler

Before you buy a new boiler, talk to a heating professional. You can prevent a lot of issues by doing so. As well as needless costs on unsuitable products.

The following should be considered:

  • House size
  • Strength of your mains’ water pressure
  • The number of taps you use at a time

Our heating engineers provide recommendations for new installations without obligation to hire.

Combi Boiler Activities

Boiler Fitting: We offer rapid installation for new homes and replacement services. We have superior quality Combi Boilers made by accredited manufacturers. Our components are not only BEAB approved, but come with long-term warranties.

Boiler check-ups: Our technicians advise servicing your boilers twice a year, regardless of its useful condition. We can get our Gas-safe endorsed technicians to prepare a risk assessment plan if you do not have one. We will service your Combi Boiler and ensure they are in shipshape conditions.

Repairing boilers: It can be annoying to have a broken boiler, especially when you need heating. For this reason, we have an emergency boiler service in Hollingdean. When you call, an experienced team will show up to resolve the problem.

Home visits and consultation: Some businesses need professional consult to fit a workable heating system. Our experts are available to proffer advisory solutions.We provide helpful advice from what type of Combi Boiler to purchase, the costing and servicing needs. In addition, it is under no obligation.

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Correcting boiler problems

Sometimes, Accumulation of rust and sludge can affect a boiler’s efficiency. The way to correct this is usually a power-flush While it may appear like a simple procedure, a power flush needs the right skill and tools to work. We deliver quick solutions to problems regarding boilers.

Experts, certified and ready

Our experts are always up and ready to go. Regardless of your location in Hollingdean, we will get to you in a few minutes. Besides being accredited Gas-safe experts, Mittens technicians are customer-friendly. Worried about installation issues? You shouldn’t, we use hi-tech equipment.

No concealed costs

We stand out in our unique pricing method. Our prices are flat and open. There are no hidden, additional charges. For the first hour, we charge ’60, and ’45, for each subsequent hour. VAT included. You will be informed of every additional cost.

Safety First

At Mittens, safety is a priority. Our engineers are trained to work with utmost precaution. We are capable of providing a safe work area with our years of experience. All our projects are also covered by comprehensive insurance. Rest assured you always have a protection over your property.

Why Hire Mittens Plumbing and Heating?

Following the first project, a majority of customers retain our services. This isn’t only because of our 15 years outstanding service in the industry.

  • Mittens engineers are professional and Gas-safe certified.
  • We are renowned in the industry as Combi Boiler specialists.
  • We provide up to 10-year warranty on newly installed boilers
  • Enjoy life long customer support service

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