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Central heating will always be a significant installation in any home. You want to keep your hot water taps running at all times. Likewise, the inside of a home must be snug in nippy weather. A well-heated home is warm and healthy for its occupants in winter. When installing your central heating, choosing a reliable boiler is important. At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, we mount quality Combi Boilers with maximum efficiency all year.Our heating engineers are happy to advise you on a suitable Combi Boiler to buy. In case of heating emergencies, we also maintain and restore faulty boilers.

Important facts about Combi Boilers

A Combi Boiler is short for Combination Boiler and very common in the UK. Every year, more than half of UK households install them at home. They don’t use up space and are economical because they heat water as it is dispensed. Combination Boilers are so-called because they have the combined function of home heating and water heating. Natural gas combination boilers are powered by natural gas that emit a lot less carbon dioxide than coal or oil models. Combination boilers that run on natural gas release a lot less carbon compounds than oil or coal versions.

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Combi Boilers don’t need a storage tank or external container. This makes them one of the most cost-effective ways to heat your home. Due to their minimal size, installation is an easy process.Mittens Plumbing and Heating fits top Combi Boiler models like Vaillant Boilers. We install quality boilers so your home stays cosy throughout the winter. We have a large collection of boilers depending on the power you need. Rest assured, our engineers will deliver the appropriate boiler for your property. Our Combi Boilers fall between 15KW to 35KW, and based on the size of your home, you can make a selection.

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Why is a Combi Boiler a good option?

Unlike other boiler types, Combis heat water straight from the mains. This gives you access to continuous hot water supply. Combis are space-saving due to their tankless nature. This makes them a smart idea if you live in a small bungalow or flat. It is designed to cut heat up time, making it an economical choice. Combi Boilers do not heat water you won’t use; they are energy-efficient.

Lastly, due to their fewer components, Combi Boilers make for easy installation.With Mittens Plumbing and Heating, our professionals guarantee quick installation. Granted, our procedures limit disruption to your home.

What to take into account before setting up a Combi Boiler

Before you buy a new boiler, talk to a heating professional. You can avoid mistakes by doing so. Including saving you money on making the ill-suited purchases.

Think about the following:

  • Household size
  • Water pressure of your mains
  • The number of taps you use at a time

Our heating engineers provide recommendations for new installations without obligation to hire.

Our Combi Boiler services

Boiler installations: Our services cover installations for new builds and home refurbishments. We have quality Combi Boilers from major manufacturers. All products are BEAB approved and come with lasting warranties.

Boiler maintenance: Our technicians advise servicing your boilers twice a year, regardless of its useful condition. We can get our Gas-safe endorsed technicians to prepare a risk assessment plan if you do not have one. We will service your Combi Boiler and ensure they are in shipshape conditions.

Boiler renovations: It is disappointing to have a malfunctioning boiler when you need heating the most. We operate an emergency boiler service in Highgate, just for this reason. When you contact us, we will send an expert to repair the boiler immediately.

Advisory and home calls: Some businesses need advice on how to set up an energy-efficient heating system. Our qualified team is always ready for advisory services.From the type of Combi Boiler to costing and maintenance, we give advice that informs smart decisions. In addition, it is under no obligation.

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Maintaining boiler issues

Over time, a build-up of corrosion and sludge content will affect a boiler’s efficiency. One of the best ways to resolve this is a power-flush. Although it might seem easy, the right tools and skill are required for a power-flush. We resolve any issue associated with boilers quickly.

Qualified and equipped experts

Our experts are always up and ready to go. Wherever you are in Highgate, we will reach you within the hour. Besides being accredited Gas-safe experts, Mittens technicians are customer-friendly. Concerned about installation problems? You shouldn’t, we use hi-tech equipment.

No hidden charges

Our simplified pricing model sets us apart Our costs are fixed and transparent. There are no hidden, additional charges. We charge ’60 for the first hours and every hour after cost ’45. It includes VAT. Where we need to make additional costs, you will be informed before any purchase.

Safety First

At Mittens, safety is a priority. Our experts work with the latest safety techniques. With our longstanding experience, we are capable of providing a safe work environment. We also cover our projects with a comprehensive insurance policy. Granted, you building is always in good care.

Why Hire Mittens Plumbing and Heating?

Following the first project, a majority of customers retain our services. Not just because of our 15 years’ service in the business.

  • Mittens technicians are qualified and Gas-safe registered.
  • We are renowned in the industry as Combi Boiler specialists.
  • Our new boilers have a 10-year warranty.
  • Enjoy life long customer support service

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