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One of the important installations in a house is the central heating. You want to keep hot water flowing anytime you need it. Likewise, the inside of a home must be snug in nippy weather. In wintertime, a sufficiently heated home is cosy and healthy for the household. It is essential to select the right boiler when installing your heating system. At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, we fit quality Combi Boilers that will work throughout the year.Our heating engineers are happy to advise you on a suitable Combi Boiler to buy. We also maintain and fix faulty boilers in emergency situations.

What is a Combi Boiler?

A Combi Boiler or Combination Boiler is one of the UK’s most installed types of boilers. More than 50% of households in the UK install them every year. They don’t use up space and are economical because they heat water as it is dispensed. Combination Boilers are so-called because they have the combined function of home heating and water heating. Combination boilers powered by natural gas release fewer carbon dioxide than oil or coal versions. Combination boilers that run on natural gas emit much less carbon dioxide than oil of coal types.

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Combi Boilers don’t require storage cylinders or external tanks. This makes them an inexpensive way to keep your house warm. Due to their minimal size, installation is an easy process.Mittens Plumbing and Heating sets up popular Combi Boiler brands like Vaillant Boilers. We fit functional boilers guaranteed to heat up your home all through winter. Based on your wattage, we have a large variety of boilers to pick from. You can rely on our company to provide the specific model suited for your home. You can make a selection between our 15KW ’ 35KW range Combi Boilers, based on your home size.

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Why is a Combi Boiler a good option?

Unlike other boiler types, Combis heat water straight from the mains. This gives you access to continuous hot water supply. Combis don’t require a large storage tank, so you can save space. If you live in a small flat or bungalow, this makes them an ideal choice. It is designed to cut heat up time, making it an economical choice. Combi Boilers do not heat water you won’t use; they are energy-efficient.

Lastly, due to their fewer components, Combi Boilers make for easy installation.At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, our engineers will set up your device without hassles. Granted, our procedures limit disruption to your home.

Thinking of a Combi Boiler? Consider the following

Before you buy a new boiler, talk to a heating professional. You can avoid mistakes by doing so. Including avoiding wasteful expenses on the wrong appliances.

Consider the following;

  • Number of occupant in the home
  • Strength of your mains’ water pressure
  • The number of faucets in use at a specific period

If you are considering a new installation, our heating experts provide consultation obligation-free.

List of Services: Combi Boilers

Installing Boilers: We offer rapid installation for new homes and replacement services. We have quality Combi Boilers from major manufacturers. Our products have longstanding warranties and are BEAB approved.

Boiler check-ups: It is recommended you perform maintenance on your boilers two times a year, regardless of its efficiency. If you don’t have one, our Gas-safe certified engineers can set up a risk assessment schedule. To ensure they work perfectly, we will service your Combi Boilers regularly.

Repairing boilers: Having a damaged boiler can be annoying, especially when heating is necessary. In Cowbeech, we have an emergency boiler team for this purpose. A professional will call at your home to fix it immediately you call.

Advisory and home calls: In order to set up a cost-effective heating system, some businesses need professional help. Our qualified team is always ready for advisory services.Our consultation informs smart choices, from type of Combi Boiler to the cost and servicing issues. Moreover, you are under no obligation.

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Solving boiler issues

Sometimes, Accumulation of rust and sludge can affect a boiler’s efficiency. The solution to this is often a power-flush. Although it might seem easy, the right tools and skill are required for a power-flush. We deliver quick solutions to problems regarding boilers.

Trained and ready engineers

Our engineers are always geared for service. Regardless of your location in Cowbeech, we will get to you in a few minutes. Mittens engineers are both customer-friendly and Gas-safe licensed. Are you worried about issues with installation? Don’t be, our technicians use the best tools.

No concealed costs

We stand out in our unique pricing method. We practice a fixed costing system that is transparent. There are no hidden charges. At Mittens, we charge ’60 for the first hours, and ’45 for every hour afterward. Rates include VAT costs. We will inform you of any additional charges.

Safety First

When it comes to safety, Mittens engineers take it seriously. Our experts work with the latest safety techniques. Following our long-term experience in service, we know how to ensure a secure work area. Every project we undertake is also covered be a full insurance policy. Regardless, your property is always in safe hands.

Why You Should Hire Mittens Plumbing and Heating

Most of our customers continue to hire us after the first project This is not attributed to our 15 years’ experience alone.

  • Mittens technicians are registered Gas-safe professionals.
  • We are Combi Boiler experts and are accredited by leading industry authorities
  • We give as long as a 10-year warranty on our new boilers.
  • We provide valuable technical support that lasts.

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